Channel Katthveli

Channel Katthveli

Katthveli – FilmTaiwan

Katthveli – FilmTaiwan is an online magazine inviting Taiwanese writers, artists and creators from different generations to talk about Taiwanese films from their professional points of view, creating a platform for them to connect with European film critics who can also provide other thoughts on Taiwanese films.

Matching the rhythm of the seasons in nature, the first four issues of Katthveli are going to run over a year, inspired by the 24 solar terms: Cold Dew – Winter Solstice, Slight Cold – Spring Equinox, Pure Brightness – Summer Solstice, Slight Heat – Autumnal Equinox.

From late autumn to early winter, nature quietens in preparation for a long winter rest. In launching the magazine during this period, we hope that we can slowly prepare, start sprouting, and gradually grow.

Katthveli Book Club – Ke Chin-Yuan’s The Age of Awakening

Katthveli Book Club – Ke Chin-Yuan’s Ocean

Katthveli Book Club – Interview with Tsai Kun-lin (蔡焜霖)

Independent filmmaking in Taiwan – Writer/Director Heather Tsui

Long Time No Sea (2018) her first feature film took her seven years to complete.

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