Out Of Sync 不同步舞池

Pre-Festival Dance Party

Out Of Sync 不同步舞池

Iceland Live Taiwan Dance UK Watch

7th November
15h59-18h00 Iceland
23h59-02h00 Taiwan

If you’re in Taiwan:

Iceland and rest of the world:

We live in the parallel dreamlands, dance and dance , run and run, until the end of these dreams. The volcanic islanders are the first crowd to be woken up, live music performed by Hermigervill at MENGI in Reykjavik will stream in FUl Taipei. Arctic afternoon falls into Pacific midnight, two performers in Taiwan are dream-dancing in an awe controlled by Icelandic audience.

The rest of the world are welcome to join the party via four different channels/characters’ point of views, to lose control and in sync no more.

Experiment/Installation Created by
Aephie, Uta Reichardt, Rene Boonekamp


Event Live

in Taipei

Angels’ Eyes

in Reykjavik


in Taipei

Performer 1

in Taipei

Performer 2


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