God Man Dog (流浪神狗人)

God Man Dog (流浪神狗人)

Title: God Man Dog (流浪神狗人)
Time: 6.15pm, 10th April 2019
Venue: Curzon Bloomsbury

2007, 119min, Taiwan
Director:Chen Singing
Language: Mandarin

Q&A with Director Chen Singing

About the film

This multi-character rhapsody evokes the pluralism of community, class and religion, as well as their conflicts, in contemporary Taiwan. Contrasting values permeate the film: deities are reduced to objects worshipped to gain fortune, and expensive peaches discarded after a commercial shoot are poor people’s only source of income. Diverse characters with different social positions and life experiences, are nevertheless united as wandering minds in search of spiritual redemption amid the impermanence of life.


A car accident involving a stray dog connects unlikely characters with life-changing results. A hand model caught in an estranged middle-class marriage tries to recover from the loss of her baby, but neither religion nor extramarital affairs can help her. A poor aboriginal couple resort to God to get rid of their alcohol problems, transport top-class peaches to the city and hope to reunite with their daughters. A one-legged truck driver collects abandoned deity statues hoping to be blessed with a new prosthetic. Some of them will face a surprising turn in life, others will be caught in new dilemmas.

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