Goodbye Dragon Inn (不散)

Goodbye Dragon Inn (不散)

Title: Goodbye Dragon Inn (不散)
Time: Saturday 6 April 2019, 19.00
Venue: Starr Cinema, Tate Modern

2003, Taiwan, 82mins

35mm print + Q&A


The last projection before an old movie theatre shuts its doors forever.

A young Japanese man runs into the theatre for refuge from the pouring rain.

The theatre appears empty, void of life, yet there are other presences than just the few spectators…

The crippled female ticket clerk and the young projectionist have never been able to meet, even though they both work in the same theatre, day after day.

Since tonight is her last chance, the pretty clerk wants to share her peach-shaped fortune cake with the handsome projectionist. But when she stops by the projection room, he is still not there. She refuses to leave the theatre without one last look at him. She searches for him through the labyrinth-like passageways of the old movie house… The gigantic screen glows with DRAGON INN, a hit swordplay movie 36 years ago.

The Japanese guy notices a couple men who look very much like the actors on screen.

Older now, sitting in the dark and empty theatre. Watching their own movie, reminiscing, mourning…

Are these persons real? Or are they spirits who refuse to leave?

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