Long Time No Sea (只有大海知道)

Long Time No Sea (只有大海知道)

Title: Long Time No Sea (只有大海知道)
Time: 6.30pm, 8th April 2019
Venue: Curzon Soho

2018, 90min, Taiwan
Director:Heather Tsui
Language: Mandarin, Tao

About the film

Filmed on a South Pacific island, Heather Tsui’s impressive debut based on her own real-life experiences, depicts a boy’s courage and his quest for self discovery.


Raised by his grandma alone, MaNaWei lives a frugal and simple life in Lanyu, an island near Taiwan. His greatest hope is to see his absent father again, who is working in Taiwan. Yu Zhang-xun, a young teacher from Taipei, is assigned to MaNaWei’s school in Lanyu. Feeling isolated and bored, he desperately wants to go back to Taiwan. To their mutual surprise, they find the National Aboriginal Dance Competition is a great chance to go to Taiwan. As Yu undertakes the responsibility to attend the competition, he discovers the talent of MaNaWei, and puts him at the centre of performance. But he discoverd a big obstacle for the preparation: the children wouldn’t want to wear their traditional costume to perform.
The unexpected difficulties make the preparation even harder, and MaNaWei is also nervous -perhaps he can finally meet his father again…

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